OFFICE: 1700 - Sofia, Student Complex, 5A Baku Street, office 5-2,3

Phones: (+359 2) 963-0464, 963-2638
Fax: (+359 2) 963-1074

MSc. Eng. Boris Mihaylov

The manager of SPECTRI, MSc. Eng. Boris Mihaylov, is a master engineer in electronics. From 1994 to 1998 he was Head of the Sales Representative Spectris Components GmbH - Bulgaria - in the representative office of Bruel & Kjaer - Denmark.


In 1998, Eng. Boris Mihaylov founded SPECTRI company, which took over and expanded the activity of the then closed Spectris Components GmbH - Bulgaria Commercial Representative Office. For the last more than 10 years, MSc. Eng. Boris Mihaylov has been specializing and spreading the theory and philosophy of acoustics in the Republic of Bulgaria.


In 2006, MSc. Eng. Boris Mihaylov co-founded and subsequently a member of the Board of Directors and co-chair of BAPCNM ("Bulgarian Association for Public Control and Noise Management"). For more information about the Association, please visit