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If you are interested in work in the field of acoustics and vibration diagnostics, SPECTRI provides the best conditions for gaining extensive experience and getting to know the industry in Bulgaria.

We are trusted to be the exclusive representatives and distributors of the world's leading manufacturers: Bruel & Kjær, Brüel & Kjaer Vibro, EMS Brüel & Kjaer, Instantel, SoundEar A / S and CTC.

In addition to large-scale projects such as the production of noise maps for the agglomerations of Sofia, Burgas, Pleven and others, our services include smaller projects such as diagnostics and combating excessive noise and vibration levels in industrial, work and residential settings. 

The certified laboratory for calibration of noise level meters, calibrators and noise dosemeters - 'SPECTRI - LAB' is another area with which SPECTRI differs from other Bulgarian companies in the industry.

Send your detailed CV to We will consider only documents that are accompanied by a Motivational Letter - an exposition in which to describe what in the activities of our company motivates you to apply for an internship and why. Be detailed in your cover letter, it is your first recommendation for us to contact you.

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