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The New Sound Level Meter 2245 Brüel & Kjaer

The B&K 2245 Environmental Noise Meter is designed for your specific needs. Dustproof and waterproof IP55, ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Features include simple measurement of a wide range of parameters, statistics and frequency analysis. Post-processing and reporting are also made faster and easier with intuitive tag editing and audio playback tools. With the new B&K 2245 Class 1 sound level meter, you have everything you need and reliably in one easy-to-use package. What is special about this sound meter is that it works seamlessly with specially designed mobile applications as well as your computer, contributing a whole new level of efficiency and control. Accurately measuring, analyzing and documenting noise has never been so simple.

Here you can find more information about B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter

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