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About us



Welcome to SPECTRI, the noise and vibration specialists.

Are you looking for a healthier acoustic environment? Are you looking for consultation and expert services in the field of noise and vibration? Do you have questions regarding acoustics and vibration diagnostics?

You have come to the right place!


Since being founded in 1995 by Eng. Boris Mihailov, we have earned a reputation as the leading center of expertise in Bulgaria in the field of noise and vibration.

SPECTRI is proud of our expert know-how, our high standards of work, and our excellent customer service.





It is our great honor and responsibility to have been granted the right to exclusive representation of the world leader in the field of noise and vibration - Bruel & Kjær.

SPECTRI are certified exclusive representatives and distributors (with warranty service) of the products of leading world manufacturers: Bruel & Kjær, Brüel & Kjaer Vibro, EMS Brüel & Kjaer, Instantel, SoundEar A / S, Connection Technology Center.

You can also rely on us for at least 10 years of post-warranty service for all products and systems provided by us.


Our clients receive fast, high-quality, and comprehensive service. The mobility of our team also guarantees our timely visit to sites in different parts of the country.


We are the preferred partner and solution provider for leading companies and institutions.

Contact us and find out why!





Equipment, systems and program software in the field of measurements, analysis, noise control, vibrations, process parameters, gas emissions

Vibrations, process control and testing of the machine condition systems

Equipment in the field of environment, hygiene and safety

Production quality control systems

Equipment in the field of telecommunications and specialized acoustic applications

Calibration and testing systems

Sensors and systems for measuring and monitoring of air velocity, temperature, humidity and others.

Balancing machines


Engineering services

Projects, montage, installations and measurement, control, analysis and vibration and noise reduction project consultations

Diagnostics, expertise, conclusions, balancing services and others

Laboratory testing, sensors calibration, noise and vibration transducer measurement systems

Consultations on ensuring intra company quality control, traceability measurements, metrological assurance.

Quality control consultation activity, measurements traceability, metrological assurance.

Organization of seminars, symposiums, courses, trainings and information about the newest achievements in the field of noise and vibration.