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In 2011 SPECTRI Ltd. developed and implemented a quality system in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012. The type C control body at SPECTRI, Sofia is accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 by EA BAS with registration number of certificate № 122 IB-C. The validity of the certificate is until 30.11.2024. The purpose of the accreditation is to offer the clients services with proven and recognized technical and expert competence in the field of noise and vibration. 

In order to fulfill the idea and purpose of accreditation, SPECTRI Ltd. is guided by two main facts: the possession of high-class equipment, which is metrologically traceable - and expert personnel, who has proven its competence in the completed dozens of projects of national and public importance.


Environmental noise range control by parameter: equivalent noise level, daytime, evening and night-time noise level, dBA;

Noise in premises of residential and public buildings with a range of parameter control: noise level and equivalent noise level, dBA;

Operating environment noise with parameter control range: daily noise exposure level, average weekly noise exposure level, dBA, peak sound pressure level, dBS, noise level, and equivalent noise level, dBA;

Vibrations transmitted to the arm-to-arm system and the entire body, with a range of parameter control: daily vibration exposure value;

Vibration of machines with a control range by parameter vibration acceleration, vibration speed, vibration displacement; 

Vibration in residential areas with a vibration acceleration control range.