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EMU - Environmental Monitoring Unit

The EMU Environment Monitoring Unit is ideal for anyone who needs to continuously monitor multiple environmental parameters. Covering noise, weather, ground vibration and blast overpressure measurement all in the same unit, users can demonstrate compliance with operating limits, manage activities to maintain compliance, and capture data over long periods to inform planning and manage external stakeholders. The EMU provides the highest quality precision measurement data compliant with the widest range of applicable legislation. Designed to operate standalone, or in conjunction with other sensors as part of a Sentinel or ANOMS managed service, it may be deployed as either a permanent monitor or easily relocatable portable monitor. Each unit comes complete with sensors, analyzer, storage, battery and cellular Wi-Fi communication in a rugged water- and dustproof enclosure so you don’t need to purchase, connect or operate anything else to get going – simply unpack, connect the sensors, switch on and start acquiring data.

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