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Building on our 20 years of expertise in the field of noise measurement and management, SPECTRI Ltd. has launched its own Laboratory for calibration of noise meters, calibrators and noise dosimeters - "SPECTRI - LAB".

With this initiative, SPECTRI Ltd. aims to strengthen its portfolio of services in the field of measurement, evaluation and calibration. To increase its expert potential and to provide its clients with professional support in their tasks of meteorological assurance and quality control of the equipment used by them.

In 2011 SPECTRI Ltd. developed and implemented a quality system in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012. The type C control body (IB-C) at SPECTRI EOOD, Sofia is accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 by EA BAS with registration number of certificate № 122 IB-C. The validity of the certificate is until 30.11.2020. The purpose of the accreditation is to offer the clients services with proven and recognized technical and expert competence in the field of noise and vibration.

SPECTRI Ltd. is guided by two main factors: the possession of high-class equipment, which is metrologically traceable - and expert personnel, who has proven its competence in dozens of projects of national and public importance.

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