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Electric Transformer Tonal Noise

For more than a year, our clients have been constantly exposed to annoying tonal noise in their bedroom. The source is an electrical transformer located directly below the room.

Constant, dominant (tonal) noise is one of the most irritating and harmful indicators of a bad acoustic environment.

Our clients contacted us after a number of unsuccessful attempts to obtain a competent assessment from other notified bodies.

What they learned later is that years ago SPECTRI played a key role in resolving a similar case in Varna.

In 2017, our clients from Varna (again faced with tonal noise caused by an electric transformer) - successfully used our measurements to protect their rights in court.

Result: removal of the transformer and receipt of monetary compensation for damages and lost profits.

It is crucial for SPECTRI that every Bulgarian citizen has access to the same high standards of acoustic comfort to which every European citizen is entitled.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a healthier and better acoustic environment!

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