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Training course

The experts at SPECTRI conduct a training course on "Theoretical and practical basis in the field of vibrodiagnostics. Measurements, accredited control, balancing ".

The rapid development of technical means and scientific methods requires constant upgrading of knowledge. Therefore, companies and institutions that want to maintain and increase their credibility and competitiveness regularly invest in training their staff.

And when it comes to knowledge in the field of noise and vibration - SPECTRI are always available to provide their expertise at the highest level.

The main highlights of our current training course are as follows:

Theoretical training. Vibration measurement and balancing for a more detailed explanation of the relationship between vibration velocity and vibration displacement in relation to peak values ​​in a wide frequency range. Analysis of the obtained results and from what the specific vibrations are caused, due to mechanical character, electrical character, hydraulic character, cavitation, self-excited vibrations, hydroelastic vibration, etc. Reading of frequency spectra, low-frequency noise, etc., related to the determination of the vibration state of the hydro generators, subsequent spectral analysis, and diagnostics, necessary for the localization of problems of vibration nature.

Practical Education. Preparation of projects for vibration measurement work with a database on the introduction of new accelerometers in the system. Configure and work with a balancing program in one and two planes. Practical training for balancing horizontal and vertical machines.

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