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A wide range of top-quality vibration sensors - from miniature versions to robust industrial designs, which will allow you to always choose the right sensor for specific needs and requirements.

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Force sensors

Sensors designed to monitor and measure dynamic forces are available in various designs for use in a wide range of industries and offer uncompromising technical parameters.

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Pressure sensors

Sensors for measuring dynamic pressure phenomena are used in many industrial applications and are a proven solution thanks to their quality design and various configurations.

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Impact hammers

Great tools for modal and structural tests and testing. Precise design and precise control of force enable detailed analysis and obtaining important information about the dynamic properties of the tested objects.

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An extensive range of cables of various designs for reliable signal transmission. The cables are made of high-quality materials that minimize interference and ensure high measurement accuracy.

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A large number of accessories for sensor technology in the form of adapters, reductions, mounting, sealing or insulating elements, etc. will ensure the achievement of optimal results and increase the efficiency of the measuring system.

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Data loggers


Compact and lightweight units offer an innovative and cost-effective solution for collecting and recording critical vibration data in real-world applications! Internal accelerometers eliminate the need for external cables and complex signal conditioning.

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The components of the measuring system, which are used for adjusting signals, powering sensors, converting quantities, etc., ensure flawless results thanks to their precise design.

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