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Noise Patrol

Noise Patrol is a universal and easy-to-use system designed to automatically measure the external noise from the exhaust system of road vehicles in stationary conditions, with fully integrated speed detection. (According to 70/157 / EEC and ISO 5130.)

The system documents the results and allows reports to be printed on site.

What makes Noise Patrol special?

  • Ease of use and intuitive
  • Ability to use acoustic RPM detection, OBD RPM detection and any external RPM source
  • Guided measurement
  • Easily portable
  • Full work-day battery operation
  • Designed as platform for easy upgrading in the future
  • Designed to be used with a single operator
  • Suitable for integration into existing traffic/vehichle control systems
  • Complete global legislation compliance
  • Completely Adaptable to local legislation and language
  • Ability to lock legislation settings and ensure correct measurements

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