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WA100 Wireless Series by CTC

CTC is offering customers a new, cutting-edge way to connect their permanent monitoring installations. CTC's WA100 Wireless Series features industrial wireless transmitters and customized software to enable seamless data collection without the need for standard connectors, cabling or junction boxes.

Unlike competitor wireless sensors, CTC offers a wireless transmitter that works in conjunction with standard CTC Low Power Sensors - AC312 and AC314.

As compared to all-in-one wireless sensors, this two-part design ensures reliable readings as the internal design of our sensors is not altered to accommodate wireless connectivity. As a result, consumers are able to take advantage of CTC's quality, shear mode accelerometer design inside a rugged, stainless steel case for maximum environmental protection.

The WA102-1A wireless transmitter is then attached to the sensor and replaces standard connector/cabling. Using Bluetooth technology, data can be sent to CTC's WA100-TAB wireless tablet within a 150 ft. line-of-sight range. Users can also use the tablet to nickname transmitters, create transmitter groups according to the monitoring application, and configure reading settings for customized data collection.

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